Who does not love travelling? It is a great chance to explore the world and meet so many different kinds of people. Well, jet lag is a common problem that holds people back from making a move. Flying from one country to another brings a whole lot of changes. You are in a totally different place with a new topography, climate, cuisine, new people, and a completely new atmosphere. It is not very easy for your body to adapt to these changes all at once. It takes a little time. Moreover, if there is a time zone change, then your body finds it even more difficult. Our bodies are constantly adjusted to the time zone of the place where we live, and a change shocks the biological clock. This leads to jet lag and makes you feel tired, drowsy and exhausted.

So, how to you combat jet lag? Play this quiz to find out. It tells you about the major aspects of jet lag, its causes, and prevention methods. You need to make sure your body gets the required physical exercise at all times. You might be in a different place, but proper exercise is the way to make sure your body does not wear out. Diet is another important thing. It is essential to have all your meals on time. Never skip anything. You must definitely experiment with local food while travelling, but that is not a reason to have junk food. Have a healthy diet. This gives your body the required nutrition to combat all the changes it is going through. Healthy habits make sure it gets easier or your body, thereby helping you recover from jet lag really soon.

Good health is the key to a happy and long life. You must make sure to treat your body well with good food and nutrition, proper exercise, and healthy habits. For more on a healthy living, follow HealthIQ. You will get lots of information about staying healthy.

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