Information Systems and Computer Science are relatively similar, but also have several differences. Computer Science courses study computers design through theory, experimentation, and engineering. Information Systems courses cover technical aspects similar to computer science, and also management type courses to cover both sides of the house. Introductory Computer Science courses include learning different algorithm implementation, and mathematics to permit machines to learn and figure out problems. Information Systems introductory courses incorporate technical aspects of analyzing systems, and courses about how to bridge the gap between analysts and management.

Looking into the future of careers, typically entry-level Information System jobs make more income than entry level Computer Science jobs. There is always a growth in these two fields of study in the career world, although Information Systems jobs are expected to be more available as opposed to Computer Science jobs in the future.

To get a better understanding of the differences between these two degrees, review the infographic below.
An infographic about choosing an information systems or computer science degree by UAB Collat School of Business.
University of Alabama at Birmingham Online

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